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Maximilian Gotzler

Founder of Biotrakr and Flowgrade

Maximilian GotzlerMaximilian Gotzler is the Founder and CEO of Biotrakr and Flowgrade, biohacker, former professional athlete, blogger und organizer of the Quantified Self group in Berlin. As one of the leading influencers of the German Quantified Self and Biohacking scene, Max has received significant media coverage, including ZEIT ONLINE, ARD Panorama, Bloomberg, Brand Eins, ARD Mittagsmagazin, RTL Extra, WELT KOMPAKT, Berliner Kurier, Deutsche Welle, NDR and several others.

As an NCAA basketball player at Boston University, Max discovered the usefulness of self- quantification to optimize physical and mental performance. Inspired by biohacking pioneers Dave Asprey and Tim Ferriss, Max started tracking different biomarkers and connecting them to his diet, fitness level, sleep and other parameters. Max has presented his findings on Vitamin D and Testosterone at the Quantified Self Conference Europe in Amsterdam 2014. With Biotrakr, Max is pursuing his vision to use the power of cutting-edge diagnostics to enhance human performance and to offer tools and actionable guidelines to everyone who wants to upgrade his or her physical and mental capacities.

Maximilian’s newest project is the “Flowgrade Show”, a promising biohacking podcast featuring guests such as Dave Asprey, Kelly Starrett, Steven Kotler, Brandon Routh, Teemu Arina, Nico Richter, and many other experts in their respective fields. With the development of the brand Flowgrade, Max and his team are working to offer high-quality nutritional products to complement the lab services offered through Biotrakr. In addition, Max is a frequent speaker at health events and conferences on Biohacking, Self-Optimization and Self-Quantification in Germany and Europe.

Maximilian Gotzler holds an MSc in Economics from Sorbonne University in Paris and a BA in Psychology from Boston University. When he is not trying a new paleo dish, recording a podcast or writing for the Biotrakr blog, Max loves to play cheesy pop songs on the piano. Max lives in Berlin, Germany.

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About Biotrakr

Biotrakr pursues its vision to use cutting-edge lab diagnostics to gain insights into your personal health and actionable data to enhance your personal well-being and performance. Biotrakr offers easy-to-use, send-home dry spot tests to analyze blood samples for levels of Vitamin D, inflammation and fatty acids.

About Flowgrade

Under its brand Flowgrade, the team of Biotrakr offers science-based, actionable information, premium-quality nutritional products and supplements for mental and physical performance enhancement. The name is a combination of the words “flow”, the optimal state of consciousness, and “grade”, a level of quality. With the video podcast “The Flowgrade Show”, Max is regularly interviewing medical and nutritional experts, professional athletes, high-performers, and artists to identify and broadcast the most effective ways to improve health, performance and flow.

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